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Before the concept of paying for quality entered the medical equation and while hospitals and other large medical conglomerates spent billions on advertising, our doctors pledged to provide SUPERIOR CARE through wellness, progress, and success. We are Triumvirate Medical Group.

Medicine is moving in a disturbing direction. Relationships between doctors and patients are disjointed as the federal government and insurers overreach their boundaries. The medical community is relying on an increasing number of doctors that may not have the medical education that you deserve. Moreover, doctors pressed for revenue may increase unnecessary testing to pad their pockets. The system has been hijacked from dedicated, high-quality physicians and patients.

It is time that we take it back. It is time that we rebuild relationships. It is time that patients receive the highest quality, evidence-based, cost-effective care from doctors trained at the finest institutions in this country. Every Triumvirate physician has completed their post-graduate medical education at highly regarded, university medical programs where research and academics infiltrate every aspect of clinical care. More importantly, every Triumvirate physicians is passionate about building relationships and providing SUPERIOR CARE.

We invite you to join us in righting the medical system. We invite you to see why we are different. As our managing partner and founding member is keen to say to hospital administrators: “Stop spending money on billboards telling people you are great…and spend your money on just being GREAT!”

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Jason M. Hollander
Managing Partner, Triumvirate Medical Group